A celebration of our kennel since 1973

We bought our first Bloodhound in September 1973 - Sentryedge Wisteria, from the Hallawells. She was followed, in July 1975, by Barsheen Brightness - a gloriously-dark liver and tan bitch, from Yvonne Oldman. We went back to Yvonne for Brightness’ sister, Barsheen Blessings, two months later. We showed Brightness for a while though we have never really been interested in the show ring.

Though we had mated Wisteria and got two puppies, in 1975, we only seriously bred after acquiring our two foundation bitches - Barsheen Pirate’s Bell and USCh The Rectory’s Yankee Te Deum, in 1976. Te Deum (TD as she was known) was imported from Jackie Sinkinson in the US, jointly with Yvonne Oldman, though subsequently transferred to our sole ownership.

To see some of the results of our efforts, go to our Bloodhounds section..............

We got our first Otterhound in August, 1981 - Boravin Nightcap, from Jean and Derek Pretious. She was followed, in March 1984, by Boravin Peeler, who became the breed’s first modern show champion in 1988.

Boravin Oakleaf joined us in March, 1986 (she was born in September, 1982) and became our foundation bitch.

To see some of the results of our efforts visit our Otterhounds section...............


Pete and Joyce Smith